Maple Leaf Foods Inc

Food For Thought is proud to announce our 1st Gold Sponsorship with Maple Leaf Foods. The continued support of $35,000 a year starting in 2014 will give the program a lead in bringing nutrition to the lunch table for youth in our community.

Aligning Values within the Community

“With hard work and tremendous dedication, Food For Thought has grown into an essential program in Brandon, providing hundreds of students with nutritious meals that fuel their day and help them reach their full potential,” said Morgan Curran-Blaney, Plant Manager, Brandon, and Maple Leaf Foods. “We are so proud to partner with such a great organization and play a role in helping children benefit from nutritious food in our community.”

Food for Thought represents the community in partnering in the fight against children going to school hungry. Our thoughts are that if there is only one child in our community going to school hungry then that is one too many. Every child deserves an opportunity to learn the benefits of having a nutritional breakfast.

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