Breakfast &
Snack Program
 for Kids

To ENSURE all school aged students have an opportunity to eat a nutritional healthy breakfast before starting school everyday and that no child should have to attend school hungry.

To ENCOURAGE participation from each student in the learning process of nutritional education and healthy life styles.

To PROMOTE community awareness through our Educational program and to encourage community members, volunteers, families, and school staff to participate in addressing children going to school hungry.

Latest News + Events

Apr 13/20

Program shut down continues due to COVID-19

Our breakfast & snack program continues to be shut down due to COVID-19.  Our office remains closed to the public for the safety of everyone.  All food & milk donations have been redirected to our community support Samaritan House...

Apr 08/20

February / March 2020 Numbers FFT Program

In February we fed 10867 students & March 6540 students for a year to date total of 62616 students.  March numbers are down due to the school closure for COVID-19.

Make a difference in a childs life!


We accept food donations including breakfast and snack items, kitchen equipment, disposable dishes, utensils and monetary donations. Your support is so greatly appreciated and we can't thank you enough for helping our program run!



Volunteers are a very important part of our program. Many thanks to local businesses, organizations, service clubs and individual community members who donate endless hours to make our program successful!