Brandon’s Food For Thought began its work in Brandon in 1997 when funds were allocated by the Canadian Living Foundation to address the issue of children going to school hungry. Our goal is not to remove Parental responsibility but to educate the children, their families and our entire community about the effect that hunger has on a child’s ability to learn.


  1. To provide breakfast programs in Brandon area schools at no cost to the participants.
  2. To raise the funds necessary to deliver these programs.
  3. To provide education in regard to proper nutrition to those children participating in the programs.
  4. To serve as a link between the community of Brandon and the program sites.
  5. To build strong families and successful children and youth through community partnerships.
  6. To ensure that every child attending school has an opportunity to eat breakfast and be better prepared to learn.


To ensure all school aged students have an opportunity to eat a nutritional healthy breakfast before starting school everyday and that no child should have to attend school hungry.

To encourage participation from each student in the learning process of nutritional education and healthy life styles.

To promote community awareness through our Educational program and to encourage community members, volunteers, families, and school staff to participate in addressing children going to school hungry.