Daily variations are based on food availability and Community Donations.

Breakfast Items

whole wheat bagels brick cheese muffins jam
eggs canned fruit whole wheat bread
oatmeal yogurt whole grain cereal wow butter
tortilla shells fresh fruit fresh vegetables whole grain crackers

Snack Items

whole grain crackers milk oatmeal brick cheese
sliced meat yogurt/tubes eggs fresh vegetables
fresh fruit dried fruit tortilla shells whole grain cereal
Β whole wheat bread Β whole wheat bagels granola bars fruit cups/bars

Equipment and Dishes

Our program accepts donations of disposable dishes and utensils such as forks, knives and spoons. We also accept working order toasters, freezers, fridges, grills and frying pans.

Breakfast and snacks are provided every school day to over 850 children in the Brandon, Shilo & Alexander area and we are always looking for ongoing donations. If you are wanting to give back to the community in a way of a food donation please call Program Coordinator Angie Strachan at 204-724-2893 or 204-729-0342.

Tribute Donations

The program would like to extend our many thanks to those who have donated kindly in memory or in honour of the following individuals:

  • Tannis Hay
  • Helen & Bob Orr
  • Art & Dagmar Wirch
  • Heidi & Scott Howarth
  • Judith Athaide
  • Daniel Lim
  • Brenda Hansen
  • Braz Athaide
  • Dale Bedford
  • Evelyn Haggerty
  • Pat Cowan
  • Dianne Singleton
  • Ryan Felstead
  • Doug & Rachel Barkley

Your monetary donation will support many students with a nutritional meal.

Monetary Donation

If you are interested in a monetary donation please download the donation form and mail to our office at: 637 10th Street, Brandon MB, R7A 4G6. You can also donate online - click the donate now tab on the top right of our website. Thank you so much for your support!

Charitable Registration # – 85386 5988 RR0001