Partnership with Brandon Original Joe’s & Mealshare

Aug 13/19

Brandon’s Food for Thought program is excited to announce our new partnership with Mealshare! Mealshare is a restaurant-based program aimed at ending youth hunger by partnering with solution-based charities (like us!) to provide simple, healthy meals to youth in need.
Mealshare operates under a simple Buy one, Give one model with restaurants, to make it easy for guests to turn their dining out, into helping out. We are proud to say their partnership with Original Joe’s has made it easy (and more delicious than ever!) to provide a meal to a youth in need through our program.
All you have to do is head into the NEW Brandon Original Joe’s and order their Mealshare item – the Cobb Salad. Anytime you do, you’ll receive your meal just like normal, but now Mealshare and OJ’s will make sure to provide a meal to a youth in need through our Food for Thought program. 
We are so excited to see the impact this has on our community – thanks Original Joe’s and Mealshare!
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